If you have a young athlete in your family or you frequent the gym, you may have heard of Kinesio tape. Kinesio tape has been gaining a lot of ground recently as it grows in popularity for the treatment of both common athletic injuries and any number of chronic pain issues. It is popular with athletes from professional tennis players to marathon runners.


Short for “Kinesiology tape,” it is an elastic therapeutic tape meant to reduce pain and provide a number of advantages. At Olson Family Chiropractic in Lakeville, our caring chiropractic and physical therapy team is certified in Kinesiology treatment and can get you feeling better fast. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Kinesio tape.


What is Kinesio Tape?

Kinesio tape is a brightly-colored hypo-allergenic tape that can be applied directly to your skin. Kinesio tape first became popular in the 1980s when Olympic athletes wore it in the Olympics, although it has been around since the 1970s. Unlike typical athletic tape, Kinesio tape has elastic properties that allow it to stretch up to 40 percent.


After application, it shrinks back, creating a pull on the skin and allowing a much greater range of motion than traditional athletic tape. The tape is made with breathable cotton and designed to mimic the elastic qualities of human skin.


Wide Therapeutic Application

Kinesio tape can be applied to different parts of the body in different ways to treat a wide range of health concerns. It is loved by athletes because it keeps them training throughout the healing process.


This is because it works to increase circulation, reducing the pressure on the affected area and making it possible to move much more easily. It also supports and stabilizes a patient’s weak areas including their muscles, tendons, and joints.


Kinesio tape delivers many benefits:

●        Faster healing

●        Reduced swelling

●        Reduced inflammation

●        Chronic pain relief

●        Increased strength

●        Increased muscle tone

●        Increased lymphatic drainage


Applying Chiropractic Taping

Our certified Kinesio tape therapists apply tape to the area of concern, which pulls on the skin and creates a small space between the muscle tissue and skin layer. This lightens the pressure you may have after an injury due to inflammation or swelling, allowing your blood to flow more easily and reducing swelling.


It also restores neural circuitry, reducing pain in your tissue so that you can have better mobility. It can deliver relief from repetitive motion injuries, sprains, and a wide range of sports injuries.


Minnesota Kinesio Tape Certified Therapists

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain due to a back condition or you’re looking out for your family’s young athlete, Kinesio tape can offer relief fast. Our Kinesio tape certified therapists can talk with you about your concerns and provide immediate relief with chiropractic taping.


Your Kinesio tape can be worn up to four days, and if necessary, you can reapply it yourself at home after we show you how. At Olson Family Chiropractic, our family wants your family to feel their best. Give us a call to schedule your chiropractic taping at 952.431.7100, or contact us to connect with a member of our team.