As parents, we want our kids to be healthy and happy, but for children who struggle with bedwetting issues, bedtime can be anything but restful. Little ones with bedwetting problems and their parents can start to dread bedtime when there’s no end in sight for the bedwetting dilemma. Waking up in the middle of the night to address the wet sheets is just as miserable for the little ones as it is for their exhausted parents.


If your family is struggling with the stress and misery of bedwetting, we’ve got a solution to give your family the peaceful nights you need to fully enjoy your life. Read on to learn about chiropractic solutions from Olson Family Chiropractic and get your family on track for restful nights.


Get to the Root of the Problem

When your child is the one who isn’t getting any sleep at night because of bladder problems, it can feel like bedwetting is taking over your entire life. It can also seem like you are completely alone in your family’s struggles, but in actuality, bedwetting is an incredibly common occurrence. Millions of children struggle with bedwetting, and some may even have bedwetting issues into their tweens or teens.


It can also affect your child’s self-esteem, but it’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. Bedwetting issues don’t mean you’ve made any mistakes as a parent or that your child is in some way flawed. In fact, it’s a problem rooted in your child’s physiology—one that chiropractic professionals can help with. 


Parents often have poor results from these methods because they aren’t treating the underlying anatomical problem:


●        Vitamin supplements

●        Essential oils

●        Reward system

●        Waking the child to use the bathroom

●        Punishment for accidents


The Anatomy of Bladder Control

As your child grows, so does your little one’s muscular strength and control over his or her body. Children are also still learning to listen and respond to their bodies, and sometimes those signals get missed or crossed. That means until your kids get good at responding to their bodies, they can have problems like bedwetting.


The feedback mechanisms and nerves in your child’s sacrum and cervical regions can become distorted, which means the message doesn’t always make it through when it’s time to go. Some children may naturally have trouble responding to those nerve signals, and anything that compounds that can lead to the recurrent problem of bedwetting.


Minnesota Pediatric Chiropractor

If your child is suffering from nocturnal urination problems, a pediatric chiropractor can help. Chiropractic bedwetting care for pediatric patients involves manipulating your child’s spine to make sure every message in your child’s nervous system gets through.


We can realign the spinal vertebrae. This will reduce any interference preventing signals from getting through to let your child know it’s time to go to the bathroom.


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