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A chiropractor is a doctor who is trained to diagnose musculoskeletal health conditions, and improve health and wellness by enhancing nervous system function, range of motion, and overall organ system functions.
The average amount of time a new patient spends with a doctor of chiropractic is about 40 minutes face to face. In that time, the doctor not only can uncover the root cause of your condition, but he/she will also educate you on many topics your regular doctor never considered, such as diet and supplementation with exercise.
Following a detailed examination ruling out any red flags, chiropractic manipulations of the spine, most notably the cervical spine, are completely safe. If you feel any apprehension before an adjustment, or the doctor senses you may benefit from lighter adjusting techniques, the doctor will tailor your treatment specifically to your needs.
Chiropractic adjustments alone have helped pinched nerves in the neck, lower back, shoulders, and extremities. The treatment of pinched nerves is even more effective when adjustments are combined with our experienced physical therapists and massage therapists.
Your chiropractor will examine your spine and muscles, as well as your daily living habits. This will ensure all stones are overturned to help reduce your neck stiffness as quick and effectively as possible. Learn more about neck pain chiropractic.
Chiropractic adjustments help improve range of motion in the spine, as well as in the hands and feet. The best treatment of arthritis combines chiropractic adjustments with dietary changes and massage therapy.
Chiropractors understand body biomechanics, especially the mechanism of injury involving the knees. Acute and chronic knee pain is treated in different ways, and a chiropractor can help educate you on what is best for your condition.
Chiropractic adjustments not only help with pain and range of motion, but they improve nervous system function. Your brain controls every organ in your body, and proper nerve flow to organs helps reduce inflammation in body.
Besides low back pain, headaches are the second most common symptom for which people seek chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments to relieve headaches may be necessary as well as modifications to daily living activities or diet.
Massage therapists are gifted when it comes to relieving stress. Many migraine sufferers work excessive hours at a computer or have stressful deadlines. Massage therapy allows you to invest in your health to recharge your batteries and perform better in those stressful environments.
Your head may be pounding, but you’ll find that your massage therapist will uncover many areas of tension in the upper back, traps, and neck.
Chiropractors are gifted at examining non-verbal cues, especially in babies who haven’t learned how to communicate their discomfort. Head tilting, arching the back, lack of sleep, vomiting, or crawling with one arm are all cues that you need a skilled chiropractor to evaluate your child.
Many of our pregnant patients prefer to see us weekly in their last trimester. This helps them stay comfortable, reducing the likelihood of headaches, low back pain, and missed work. We follow the position of the baby closely, as specific chiropractic techniques can help with breached babies.
Physical Therapists help improve the function of the entire musculoskeletal system. They also do myofascial work to help improve healing and range of motion in joints to reduce rehab time. Physical Therapists improve acute injuries as well as chronic aches and pains.
Many people who suffer from osteoarthritis are in so much pain, the thought of exercise makes them hurt. A Physical Therapist is specially trained to create a program that only benefits your health without causing you pain. This will help improve your daily activities so you have the motivation to do what you love.
Physical Therapists are specialists when it comes to biomechanics. The hip joint is very important in walking, getting up out of a seated position, and maneuvering in bed. A Physical Therapist understands how to build strength and mobility around arthritis to help reduce pain during these activities.
Physical Therapy treatment for rheumatoid arthritis involves reducing inflammation in the most affected joints while gaining strength and endurance. This can be difficult due to the autoimmunity, but Physical Therapy is even more effective when combined with dietary changes.
If you’ve had a surgery, chances are you were in pain before the surgery. Your body learns to move and function differently when you’re in pain. Post Surgery Physical Therapy sessions can help retrain your nervous system and musculoskeletal system to reduce the likelihood of reinjury.
Studies show that Physical Therapy combined with Chiropractic adjustments is the most effective form of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. It is important to get out of pain so you can function, but it is more important to make certain these symptoms don’t come back soon after.
Most people have conditions over 30 days before they see a Physical Therapist. Some even 6 months. The amount of time it takes is related to the amount of time and severity you’d had the injury. It is possible to have some pain relief on your first visit, and almost complete symptom relief within 30 days of a recent injury.

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