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Medicare is a national health insurance program that provides health insurance for Americans aged 65 and older. It also provides health insurance to younger patients with disabilities. On average, Medicare covers about half of the healthcare charges for those enrolled.

Medicare offers coverage for chiropractic and physical therapy treatment. Coverage varies depending on your particular plan or health condition. Contact Medicare to find out what is covered under your plan.

Chiropractic Care Coverage Information

Medicare covers chiropractic services when medically necessary. Medicare Part B covers 80 percent of the cost of manipulation of the spine if medically necessary to correct a dislocation. There is no cap on the number of medically necessary visits to a chiropractor.

The only chiropractic service covered by Medicare is manual manipulation of the spine to correct a subluxation. Subluxation of the spine is when one or more of the bones of your spine move out of position. This is covered by Medicare Part B in instances where it is medically necessary and provided by a chiropractor or other qualified provider. You do not need an X-ray to prove you have a subluxation of the spine.

All patients who carry Part B Medicare are covered for chiropractic treatment.

Olson Family Chiropractic Accepts Medicare

Olson Family Chiropractic accepts Medicare.

Olson Family Chiropractic is a listed provider in the Medicare provider network. To find us in the network, you can visit the provider directory page on the Medicare website.

If you have any question about Medicare coverage in Minnesota, feel free to call us at (952) 431-7400, or you can message us at

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