Chiropractors That Accept United Healthcare in Lakeville, MN
United Healthcare

United Healthcare

UnitedHealth Group is a highly diversified health and well-being insurance company that provides health benefits for patients who require chiropractic care and physical therapy. The company provides global healthcare benefits for individuals, employers, and Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

United Healthcare is available in Minnesota and offers various individual and family plans with lots of options for individual and family plans.

Chiropractic Care Coverage Information

Some UnitedHealthcare insurance plans include cover chiropractic care. United Healthcare’s chiropractic coverage varies depending on the policy and employer. Options include HMO and PPO.

HMO coverage is often offered through third part HMOs like A.C.N. No referral required for HMO benefits. Even if your United Healthcare plan doesn’t provide full treatment coverage, they may still work with you to cover all or part of the cost of your Chiropractic treatment needs.

We Are in In-Network United Healthcare Provider

We are an in-network United Healthcare Insurance provider, which means your deductible and copay may be less than if you went to see a chiropractor that was not in-network with United Healthcare Insurance.

The amount you pay out of pocket will depend on your insurance plan, your deductible, and the conditions of the care we provide as outlined in your United Healthcare Insurance Plan. To find out if we are in your network or covered under your current plan, you can visit the provider search page on the United Healthcare website.

If you have any question about United Healthcare coverage in Minnesota or which networks we’re in, feel free to call us at (952) 431-7400, or you can message us at

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