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Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Visiting a chiropractor for the first time can be intimidating. You may be wondering what type of procedure you will undergo, if you will experience any pain, or if the doctor and staff are sincerely concerned about your well-being.

At Olson Family Chiropractic, we take family seriously. Our chiropractors, Duane and Steph, are married practitioners who work hard to make sure you feel at home in our clinic. Our entire staff is welcoming and will make you feel at ease through the entire chiropractic treatment process. We also offer physical therapy and massage therapy for clients in Lakeville, Minnesota.

To find out more about how we can treat your pain while adjusting your spinal column or joints, call us today and schedule a session.

Understanding Your Pain and Suffering

When you first arrive at our chiropractic center, we begin your visit with a comprehensive medical examination. The medical exam may include the following:

We will go over your medical history including any treatments or surgical procedures you have undergone or medication you have been taking.
We will also explore your current health status and discuss what physical or health conditions you are suffering from.
Once we get an overview of your health, we address your pain. When did the pain start? What caused it? Where is it located?
We may need to schedule an MRI, X-Ray, or other tests if we need to understand your pain further and what is causing it.

Learn Why You Have a Problem and How We Can Fix It

We aim to help you understand the cause of your pain. Once we can begin to diagnose your condition and what led to your suffering, we can build a foundation for improving your condition.

When you understand what is going on in your body, you can take proactive measures to counter it and seek the right treatment. We can help you discover what type of chiropractic care will target your joint and muscle issues, and improve your condition.

How Our Services Make a Difference in Your Health

The services we offer at Olson Family Chiropractic are designed to address your health issues and apply the right treatment. We offer three main types of therapy.

  • Chiropractic adjustments
    We offer diverse chiropractic treatments to give you options for getting the right care for your spinal or joint pain.
  • Physical Therapy
    If you have recently been injured in an accident, we offer physical therapy rehabilitation to assist in your recovery. We can help your joints and muscles heal while improving your mobility.
  • Massage Therapy
    We offer both relaxing massage and therapeutic massage services. Relaxing massage helps you unwind and release your stress. Therapeutic massage tackles deeper issues and acts as a supplement to chiropractic adjustments.

Proven Chiropractic Methods We Utilize

Dr. Duane and Dr. Steph received excellent training and education from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. They studied some of the most advanced chiropractic techniques in medicine. Some of the most popular and effective techniques our clinic practices include:

Spine and nervous system analysis. How much pain you are experiencing will determine if this technique is right for you.
Short, quick thrust with the hand over the restricted joints one at a time. Restore normal range of motion in the joint.
Detailed exams and precise adjustments using various techniques. Treatment addresses your unique condition.
A Special device that softly manipulates the spine or extremity joints. You won’t feel or hear the device, but you will feel the results.
Gravitational pull and table drops lessen the force we may otherwise apply to your spinal area.
Designed for pregnant women to prevent breech births.
This technique targets a damaged disc or sciatica. Slow traction of the lower back reduces muscle spasms, sharp pains, and tightness.

Let Us Help Make Your First Visit a Positive One

If you are seeking chiropractic medical treatment for pain in your back, neck, spine, or shoulders, contact Olson Family Chiropractic. We offer 40-50 minute chiropractic, massage, or physical therapy sessions for patients in Lakeville, Minnesota.

To schedule a consultation or treatments, call us at (952) 431-7400, or you can message us at

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