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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists in Lakeville, Minnesota

Olson Family Chiropractic offers comprehensive physical therapy treatment for patients recovering from injuries, poor health conditions, or physical conditions. Our therapist, Crystal Luxmore, P.T., has over 15 years of diverse physical therapy experience including outpatient therapy, sports rehabilitation, and pediatric care.

If you are looking for physical therapy treatment in Lakeville, Minnesota, schedule a physical therapy session today. We are here to help you get on the road to recovery.

Physical Therapy Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of physical therapy services designed to give you options for your particular condition. Physical therapy treatment services we provide include:

The muscles, nerves, and brain form a network that helps strengthen the muscles. Muscles and ligaments are reconditioned to avoid further injury and improve response performance.
The focus is to increase the range of motion and strength while minimizing scar tissue and adhesions for optimal function long-term.
This form of therapy is extremely gentle, hands-on, and non-invasive. This approach helps the body heal itself while regulating the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid.
In Myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) release, we use manual pressure to loosen restrictions in trigger points and increase blood flow to the trigger point areas.
We treat arthritis by balancing exercise and activity to keep the joints lubricated and muscles loose. The procedure is personalized to treat each patient to help them find their sense of balance.
We develop an in-home exercise program that includes stretches and strengthening activities. We also utilize manual therapy techniques and Kinesio tape or modalities to calm muscles down and decrease pain.
Kinesio tape opens a tight or constricted area of the body to allows increased circulation. The tape facilitates muscle contraction while relaxing the tissue and reducing or eliminating spasms. It also stabilizes muscle joints and treats soft tissue.

Sports Rehabilitation for Injured Athletes

Due to the intensity of athletic competition, sports injuries are among the most damaging for athletes of all ages. Physical therapy offers long-term treatment that is crucial for an athlete’s recovery, whether they continue to compete or not.

What are the core benefits of comprehensive physical therapy treatment?

An injury or subsequent surgery can weaken muscles or cause them to atrophy. Physical therapy reinvigorates the muscles by improving flexibility, mobility, power, and overall performance. PT treatment also stimulates accelerated healing and recovery.
Routine workouts improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body. Increased circulation produces higher oxygen levels and enables the athlete to perform at high levels. And increased blood flow can also stimulate healing.
Physical therapy builds endurance and longevity in muscles.
Therapy stimulates a strong, healthy mind. It builds focus, determination, and coping skills necessary to deal with the challenges of post-injury recovery.
Physical therapy helps you maintain your physique. It is one of the most powerful ways to approach anti-aging naturally.

Our Physical Therapy Approach

Our physical therapy regiment focuses on retraining nerves and muscles through hands-on techniques, teaching appropriate exercises, and educating our clients on why our approach is crucial for optimal well-being.

Crystal promotes positive outcomes through educating, active participation in healing, and injury prevention.

Physical Therapy Services in Lakeville, Minnesota

At Olson Family Chiropractic, we offer a complete line of physical therapy options to our Lakeville, Minnesota area patients. Our goal is to provide a total wellness package that also includes chiropractic care and massage therapy.

To schedule a consultation or treatment for your headache, call us at (952) 431-7400, or you can message us at

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