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Physical Therapy for Arthritis in Lakeville, Minnesota

If you are suffering from inactivity due to arthritis, physical therapy can help you manage your condition and participate in activities once again. A therapist can work with you to improve your mobility by treating arthritis with exercise and activities.

Olson Family Chiropractic offers treatment for those suffering from arthritic pain and stiffness. We treat arthritis by balancing exercise and activity to keep the joints lubricated and muscles loose without overdoing it. We work one on one with each patient to find the right balance.

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Why You Should Remain Active When You Have Arthritis

At one time, it was widely believed that medication and rest was the best treatment for arthritis. Physical therapists now know that physical activity is essential to maintain joint flexibility, improve balance and coordination, and reduce pain. Yet, many who have arthritis remain inactive due to lack of motivation.

While lack of motivation is understandable, the benefits of staying physically active far outweigh taking medication and getting rest. Physical activity improves your condition in the following ways:

  • Reduces joint and muscle pain
  • Improves your mood and outlook on life
  • Enhances function, mobility, and range of motion
  • Delays arthritis-related disabilities
  • Helps you to manage other chronic conditions

How Physical Therapy Can Help

If you have been inactive due to arthritic pain and stiffness, physical therapy may be a good starting point to get you back on your feet.

With a manual therapy and treatment program, we can assist you in improving strength and mobility.

Manual Therapy

Before engaging in an exercise program, we recommend starting out with manual therapy. This is a hands-on approach where we assist you with each activity. Techniques may include:

  • Stretches Stretches can make your joints and muscles more limber and help loosen your back, hip, and knee joints.
  • Mobilization Joint mobilization improves alignment and range of motion and helps to modulate pain.
  • Strengthening Strengthening restores flexibility, reduces joint stress, and supports and stabilizes joint cartilage.
  • Balance Balance training improves function and reduces fall risk that is common in arthritis.
  • Massage Scheduling regular massage helps manage your pain and stiffness and promotes more restful sleep.

Therapeutic Exercise

With a tailored, gradual exercise program, you will notice improvements in short- and long-term pain, as well as improved function. Low-impact weight-bearing activity and strengthening can stimulate joint lubrication.

We can develop a plan that focuses on affected areas of the body such as the knees, elbows, fingers, toes, shoulders, and the neck. Therapeutic exercises under the supervision of a treatment specialist may include:

  • Range of motion activities During the course of a range-of-motion exercise, the joints are stretched until the normal range is achieved and maintained. This helps to maintain comfort while joint function is preserved.
  • Strengthening exercises Actively training your muscles to reduce the load on your joints reduces inflammation and arthritis pain.
  • Aerobics If you have knee arthritis you will benefit from a routine of low-impact aerobic exercise.
  • Balancing and coordination Balance and coordination exercises help with fall prevention because they improve your ability to maintain your upright position whether you’re standing still or moving.

Arthritis Therapy Service in Lakeville, Minnesota

If you are suffering from the effects of arthritis and are seeking treatment, Olson Family Chiropractic can provide physical therapy. We offer a wide range of services including chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy.

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