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Coordination & Balance Rehab

Coordination & Balance Rehab

Coordination and balance rehabilitation improves your ability to execute smooth, accurate, and controlled motor responses. With extensive physical therapy, you can relearn how to utilize the right muscles at the right time with proper intensity to achieve proper action.

Olson Family Chiropractic offers coordination and balance rehabilitation treatment for injured patients who wish to improve their ability to optimize speed, distance, direction, timing, and muscular tension. Our process helps you enhance your motor skills and participate in your favorite activities.

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Neuromuscular Therapy: Teaching Your Body to Function Again

Proper coordination and balance occur when the mind, muscles, and nerves transmit signals to each other to stimulate bodily movement. Through neuromuscular therapy, we can help you re-educate or retrain your body to function correctly and return to normal.

The neuromuscular therapy process involves coordination drills, balance activities, muscle training, and posturing. Repetitive movements reinforce nerve signals to re-establish the normal communication patterns between mind and muscles.

There are several benefits to neuromuscular therapy including:

Neuromuscular re-education helps you regain use of muscles that have previously lost the function.
Therapy involves teaching the muscle how to remember its role. We can help you break down muscle movement into simple components that help you develop muscle use one step at a time.
Ongoing training and development will help you re-integrate muscle use into coordinated movement.
Motor control and balance training allows you to regain muscle strength and function.

Coordination and Posture Therapy

As you progress through the stages of rehabilitation, you can take on take on three to five more challenging exercises that address coordination issues and promote vascularity. At first, these exercises may be slightly painful due to injuries and atrophy. Therefore, you will perform the exercises at a slow speed and with a pain-free range of motion. Eventually, you will notice less pain and improved coordination. You may also be able to increase your repetitions per exercise or increase your range of exercises and range of motion.

In the final stages of therapy, you may demonstrate full motion and pain-free weight bearing. Reaching the final stages of therapy may lead to a bit more pain and expose deficits in coordination. The pain will subside, however, as your coordination reaches its full potential.

You are on your way to recovery!

Stability and Balance Therapy

Balance and stability issues stem from muscle weakness, joint stiffness, injuries, and lack of motion. Balance may also be affected by arthritis, spinal cord injuries, and debilitating muscle conditions.

You can improve balance and stability with exercise and physical therapy. Stability and balance therapy focuses on improving visual input, sensory-detected movement, and joint and muscle coordination. We develop individualized physical activity to enhance your strength, stability, and mobility as you overcome your balance problems.

Exercises we may employ to help you regain balance include:

  • Single-leg stance
  • Tandem walking in a heel-to-toe pattern
  • Walking with various head motions
  • Altering your visual stimuli during movements such as walking or bending
  • Using different types of objects or equipment

The key to improving your balance is to engage in various scenarios that challenge your balance. All exercises are designed to help your body's systems adapt and change. You’ll improve your balance and muscular control.

We will assist you in performing balance exercises that are safe and applicable to your condition.

Physical Therapy Services in Lakeville, Minnesota

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